One of the best opportunities that from comes doing an internship in China is the ability to learn Chinese in a real local context. But you might be asking yourself, even if you are interested in China, why learn Chinese? Isn’t it difficult? Doesn’t it take a long time? And is it worth it? To answer these questions, China Global Connections presents to you now “Why learn Chinese” offering you a number of reasons why you should not be put off by negativity and get stuck into the language with the most native speakers on Earth! A language which continues to grow in importance year upon year!


Unlock a new world and immerse yourself in a new culture

To learn Mandarin is to open the door to a new world. Behind the beautiful Han characters lies a galaxy of culture, history, tradition and a whole way of life. We can see China without learning it, many Chinese can also speak English, but without being able to speak the language, we are looking in through the window. As we learn the language we become immersed in the fullness of local life, magnifying our experience of China, its people and its life. The more you learn, the more you grasp about the country. Suddenly, the cities you saw full of incomprehensible characters are now full of meaning and purpose. You are no longer on the outside, you’re a part of the flow. As you talk to locals in Chinese, they respond with friendliness and positivity, offering new opportunities and connections. In other words, you can’t have China, without speaking Chinese.


A growing importance in business

How can you do business in China without appreciating Chinese? Soon, how will you do business at all if you don’t learn Chinese? China is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. It has surged from humble beginnings to become a world leader in trade business and finance. It is a hub of growth and it is widely seen as a future core of global commerce. Every business to be globally competitive, needs Mandarin. You won’t get far without it. As a result, learning the language is a great investment for your own future. Not just in terms of business opportunities, but job opportunities too. More and more companies want Chinese speakers, why not make yourself more competitive in the job market?


Enhance Self-discipline and memory skills

Don’t complain about the patience and effort required to speak Mandarin, but use it as a test of your own character. It is true to say that Mandarin is not an easy language to learn, especially when it is so far removed from Western languages. But should this be a problem? No! Those who successfully learn Mandarin exercise tremendous skill in self-discipline, memory and commitment. After all, from a young age, Chinese children have to learn very quickly to memorize thousands and thousands of characters. It is a skill which makes young Chinese superb at all things technical, including maths, musical instruments and anything else memory based. To learn Mandarin is therefore a great opportunity for you to enhance your abilities. Even if you commit to learning just a bit every day, the self-organisation skills and good habits gained from it can do wonders. Nothing in life comes easy, there is much to be gained from making an effort at learning Chinese!


Conclusion: Learn Chinese!

Learning Mandarin seems scary and intimidating, but it is not! Above all it is a fun and exciting experience that allows you to learn so much. It is the door way to Chinese culture, life, business, friendships and many more things. It is above all a journey and it takes time, but it is one that makes you feel intrinsically good. So we at China Global Connections challenge you to commit to learning Chinese! You won’t regret it, start now! Learn Chinese!