Last time we spoke about the range of English teaching jobs available in China, but just what do these employers require from potential applicants? In order to get a successful and reputable teaching job in China, you don’t need to be a qualified teacher, rather, you just need something what is known as a as “TEFL” (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification, or as we sometimes hear it “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages” (TESOL), (both terms being interchangeable). As all walks of people in China seek English education to better their own prospects, more and more teachers are needed. This opens up incredible opportunities for native speakers, whom can jump into this by simply obtaining a TEFL/TESOL qualification.

 TEFL or TESOL Certification and requirements for getting a job teaching English abroad

To ensure professional standards, most job openings and schools in China will insist you possess this qualification. Some positions may be more relaxed but possessing the certification will certainly improve your leverage in the application process. In order to get one, it’s quite simple! You aren’t required to have attended university before or even have any teaching experience. Rather, the certification is about showing you can work according to certain set of international standards. But what are those standards? What would you expect to obtain such? Let’s see!

Required Standards

The standards for a TEFL course are simple and not too intensive. A TEFL qualification needs at least 120 hours of coursework, combined with 6-20 hours of live practice sessions. It should also follow a proper, set curriculum from a reputable organization whom hires qualified instructors with expertise in the field. Ultimately, you should seek out international TEFL Academies in order to obtain one. If not, there are also numerous online courses available that can be found!

Conclusion: It’s that simple!

Do not be afraid or inadequate of the prospect of having to get a TEFL/TESOL certificate! It’s simple, straight forward and not challenging. Commitment to such a course can help unlock the door to a wide range of jobs in demand all over China, for all ages and all walks of life! If you have one already, then make sure you check out our English positions as advertised here!