Previously we created an article saying “Why Learn Chinese” where we shown you of all the potential benefits of Learning the language. Some people will always say Learning Chinese is difficult, but as China Global Connections we want to show you that it is easy, fun and possible. To help you to find your way, we have compiled together a variety of the most convenient phrases, greetings and words in Chinese, presented simply and clearly. Although far from comprehensive, we are hopeful that it will inspire you to do more, supplement any course you might be taking or make your time in China much easier! Try learning Chinese, new experiences await you!


1) greetings & manners

你好 (nihao)= Hello

早上好 (Zaoshanghao)= Good Morning

晚上好(wanshanghao)= Good evening

谢谢 (xiexie)= Thank you

再见(zaijian)= Goodbye

请问 (Qingwen)= Excuse me

不好意思 (buhaoyisi)= Sorry (Small matter)

对不起 (Duibuqi)= Sorry (Serious matter)

2) Introducing yourself 

我叫_____ (Wojiao___)= My name is

你叫什么? (Nijiao shenme?)= What is your name?

我是英国人 (wo shi yingguoren)= I am English

我是中国人 (wo shi zhongguoren)= I am Chinese

他是法国人 (ta shi fagguoren)= He is French

她是美国人 (ta shi meiguoren)= She is American

你住在哪里? (Ni zhu zai nali)= Where do you live?

我住在中国 (wo zhu zai zhongguo)= I live in China

你做什么工作? (ni zuo shenme gongzuo)= What job do you do?

我是一个老师 (wo shi yi ge laoshi) = I am a teacher

我是一个学生 (wo shi yi ge xuesheng)= I am a teacher

3) Everyday useful phrases

火车站在哪里? (hochezhan zai nali?)= Where is the train station?

我要 (wo yao)= I want

我不要 (wo bu yao)= I do not want (useful for dismissing people touts)

请给我 ____(Qing Gei Wo)= Please give me

我喜欢 (woxihuan): I like

我不喜欢 (wobuxihuan): I do not like

这是____ (zheshi)= this is____

那是____ (nashi)= that is____

我有____ (woyou)= I have____

我没有___(womeiyou)= I do not have____

4) Useful names of items and places

水 (shui)= Water

啤酒 (pijiu)= Beer

水果 (shuiguo)= Fruit

米饭 (mifan)= Rice

面包 (mianbao)= Bread

鱼 (yu)= Fish

肉 (rou)= Meat

菜 (cai)= Vegetable

火车 (huoche)= Train

出租车 (chuzuche)= Taxi

公共汽车 (gonggongqiche)= Bus

手机 (shouji)= Mobile Phone

票 (Piao)= Ticket

电脑 (diannao)= Computer

饭馆 (fanguan)= Restaurant

店 (dian)= Store

医院 (yiyuan)= Hospital

大学 (daxue)= University

酒店 (Jiudian)= Hotel

公园 (gongyuan)= Park

博物馆 (buwuguan)= Museum

图书馆 (tushuguan)= Library

5) Famous Places and Things (largely for reading, than speaking)

长城 (Changcheng)= Great Wall

天安门 (Tiananmen)= Tiananmen Square

兵马俑 (Bingmayong)= Terracotta Warriors

天坛 (Tiantan)= Temple of Heaven

紫禁城 (Zijincheng)= Forbidden City

人民广场 (renminguangchang)= People’s Square (Shanghai)

北京= Beijing

上海= Shanghai

成都= Chengdu

香港 (Xianggang)= Hong Kong