Thinking of Teaching English in China? The country’s thriving TEFL industry is continuing to grow at a dramatic pace. With new CELTA teacher training centres cropping up across huge cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, today we’re looking at why the Teaching English as a Foreign Language industry is growing to so popular and how you, an aspiring teacher, can benefit from this and ensure job success in a competitive market.

China: A growing industry and place of opportunity

Because of China’s TEFL industry,  the demand for English teachers is growing more and more and as a result, so is the demand for English teacher training. As a result,  the emphasis placed upon English education in the Chinese school system is growing, it is a staple part of a child’s curriculum. The language is being pushed to the front of people’s minds as parents aspire to establish a prosperous future for their children. In addition to this, millions of adults are taking English classes annually too.

China is a beautiful, thriving and lively country with a unique culture and great food, it’s a fast country which is modernizing at a tremendous pace. It is known for its incredible history, continuing traditions and unique bustling character, set in the backdrop of amazing scenes such as the Lujiazui skyline the Shanghai.

Why get a CELTA qualification?

There is a push in many Chinese schools for English teachers to become properly TEFL qualified with accredited certificates, such as the CELTA. This is due to an increased emphasis communicative language style of English teaching as an alternative to the traditional emphasis on simple grammar. As a result, CELTA graduates have become sought after for many positions in international schools, high schools, kindergartens and universities. Simply being an English speaker is increasingly not enough, the rising competitiveness of the market in China demands a greater emphasis on quality. As a result, it is the perfect time to look at taking a CELTA course.

It helps tremendously to take your CELTA course in the country you wish to work in, allowing you to gain an understanding of the TEFL market and its layout. To establish an insight and understanding of the local work culture and expectations is crucial before applying for a job. It also helps to gain a better understanding of the local area and create a support network on the ground too,

Working as an EFL teacher in China

 As we set out in our previous post, the TEFL job market in China is diverse. Different types of positions come with different demands, as well as different advantages and disadvantages. Working in a kindergarten is a different ball game to working in an adult centre and so on. Rates of salary can vary according to the job and location. Naturally, jobs demanding formal qualifications pay more. The competitive going rate should be around 20,000 RMB a month, non-certified jobs may only provide a smaller stipend of around 2000 RMB a month, so you can see the benefits certification brings. Most jobs will provide you accommodation or offer some form of assistance for this.

A legitimate TEFL job in China mandates a Category-Z visa which must be processed alongside supporting documents from your workplace, as well as a personal police clearance. It is not a difficult process, but it is very important to check whether an employer upholds this criteria. As we pointed out in our TEFL scams post, any job saying you can “work on a tourist visa” or so on is a massive red flag which can result in legal consequences and deportation from China.

Conclusion, teach in China, be competitive and get a CELTA

China’s thriving TEFL industry offers many opportunities, but if you want to make the most out of it you need to be competitive. A CELTA certification offers a unique, modern and revolutionary edge to EFL teaching which will allow you to get that you want with decent benefits. Prepared to learn, grow and move out of your comfort zone. Think carefully about what type of EFL job you will get and how you can best into it. Above all though this is a great experience, we are confident you will love China!