On July 2nd China Global Connections featured in the Chinese media podcast looking west to Chengdu as part of a broader effort to promote business, work experiences and enterprise in the city. The podcast featured the story of the firm’s CEO Norbert Antosik, born in the Netherlands, as a representation of how European people have unlocked new opportunities and adventures in the Sichuanese hub.

Norbert’s story

Signalling out Norbert as a unique example of European success in the city, it outlined the story of how Norbert had met his business partner whilst studying international trade at the Netherlands, in which the lost opportunity of a poor exam result took him on a romantic journey to China itself, where he not only fell in love with a local, but also fell in love with the area itself. Discovering the differences in China’s business environment to the Netherlands, he would later be inspired to create China Global Connections in 2o16. Norbert’s firm would go on  to provide advice, consultancy and opportunities for students in China including placements in teaching English, hospitality internships and other employment opportunities.

The expertise of China Global Connections

How though has China global connections stood out? The podcast further highlights that it has excelled in a growing specialty of understanding the  business, recruitment and the visa processes on China. Norbert told the podcast that he wanted to help people understand “what was going on” in the country and just what they required to be able to succeed in China’s unique environment. He was then shown hosting a question and answer session with students and interns in Chengdu, where he answered complex questions on what it took to achieve a Chinese work visa and other opportunities in the country.

The European Dream in China

Above all, the story of Norbert and China Global Connections revealed a bigger picture of how Europeans are discovering new pathways to prosperity by interning, working and investing China. Chengdu is a special city. Although it is not as high profile as Beijing or Shanghai, it can very much hold its own as a hub of business, enterprise and promising investment for the future. The Chinese government want people to “go west” and explore what is available in other cities than the dominant hubs we’re all familiar with! China Global Connections has dedicated itself to opening these gateways, allowing young people and graduates to experience the magic and wonder of Chengdu at their fingertips!