On the 10th of May China Global Connections attended a Europe Day Celebration event with local businesses in Chengdu, hosted by the city’s European Union Consulate and the EU Chamber of Commerce. The event commemorated the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, a historical speech by French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman in 1950 which marked the beginning of economic and political integration on the continent. The speech laid the foundations for the European Coal and Steel Community, which evolved to become the European Economic Community in 1957, and then, in 1993, the European Union. The project of European Integration ultimately rebuilt a continent ruined from the horrors of war, uniting countries once divided with centuries of adversary into the biggest political union and single market in the world. In the modern day, China-EU relations are now becoming increasingly important, setting the stage for a highly significant business event.

The gathering provided a platform for businesses in Chengdu to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and strengthen their networks with European companies and organisations. The celebration hosted a number of speakers, including leaders of the Chamber, as well as EU officials. A China-EU tourist cooperation agreement signing ceremony then followed, seeking to bolster greater flows of visitors from both China and Europe. Afterwards, the event was wound down by refreshments, mingling and networking.

In the bigger picture, China-EU business ties continue to grow year upon year. The EU is China’s largest trading partner, whilst China is the EU’s second largest behind the United States. Trade transactions between the two parties amount to around 1 billion euros a day ,whilst Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in the EU amounted to 30 billion EUR in 2017. This included high investment in transportation, utilities and infrastructure. With China’s One Belt, One Road, beginning to likewise take shape, supply chains and connections to Europe will only be increased and consolidated further.

A prosperous future between the two regions of the world awaits, opportunities are ample and China Global Connections stands ready to help propel the next generation of European Businessmen in the East. A company with its roots in the Netherlands and Poland, as well as hosting staff and interns of many European nationalities. CGC are committed to expanding its ties on the continent across a number of institutions to facilitate a gateway for young people and aspiring entrepreneurs to intern and work in China. Like the European Union itself, CGC’s work can build harmony, cooperation and enterprise amongst people’s and cultures, breaking down hostilities and creating shared prosperity.