Ever fancied an extended free stay at a luxury hotel? Well, believe it or not, if your University major is related to hospitality or related fields, here’s your chance! China Global Connections are proud to announce the launch of our new hospitality internship scheme! Successful candidates will have the opportunity to intern at some of the world’s most prestigious hotel brands, offering first class, five star work experience in the hospitality industry, all whilst enjoying China life in the incredible conditions provided. What an opportunity this is!

Application Criteria

These internships are not open to everyone. Our program is exclusively reserved for people aiming to establish careers in hospitality, tourism and other related business fields. Due to the requirements for the visa, you need to be able to prove this. As a result, our program seeks students who are doing or have a university major in these fields. Furthermore, we are seeking applicants who are willing to an extended stay in China (of up to six months). This is a lengthy program, not a short term “summer-only” internship. Applicants whom are required to do an internship as part of a gap year/semester on their course will be given special consideration.

What will the internships consist of?

In our partner hotels, the hospitality internship program will focus on a number of skill areas, including: food and drink, front desk work and administration, hotel management assistance, customer service and marketing & events. Whatever you might be looking for in hospitality, there’s a broad skill set to be developed which will almost certainly fit your needs and area of focus!

What’s in it for me?

What makes the hospitality internship scheme most incredible is that it offers you the opportunity to live, for free, in a luxury hotel, with some of our partners being Mariott, Hylton, the Intercontinental Hotels Group and many more! you have the chance to have the most comfortable internship stay of a lifetime. This stay also includes meals too! Although the program does not your cover flights and your visa costs, it ensures an affordable, manageable and luxury internship experience!

Get applying and don’t miss out!

If you are an eligible student, then we cannot recommend this scheme enough for you. Let us reiterate the fact that this an opportunity to intern for free and live in a luxury hotel, providing you at the same time hospitality experience at a world class level at some of the world’s leading hotel brands, all whilst experiencing the life, magic and culture of China. What more could you want? Our application process offers a smooth, steady and supportive bid to get you there, all free of charge!